Fort Hunt Community Networking Lunch (Secret Santa Edition)



We're looking forward to seeing you.

One of our members of our little group of attendees will be assigned to be your Secret Santa. Their mission is to review your "Wish list" item and see if they can help make it come true.

And you will be assigned as someone else's Secret Santa. Once you receive your assignment, please review THEIR wish list item and see if you can use your brain, business, or network to help make it come true.

ONE OTHER THING - price of admission for the Dec 7th lunch.

Think of someone in our community who you think would benefit from connecting with other Fort Hunt business owners and commnunity leaders and invite them to join you on Friday.

Connecting our communty STRENGTHENS our community; help strengthen our community today!

Frazier O'Leary
Chief Inviter
Fort Hunt Community Business Association &
"In our neighborhood, Business is Good!" tm
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If you want to modify or add a photo to your "Who's Coming" entry, please email me with the link (e.g. LinkedIn page) or the file.

Also, you can email me your wish list item - either start up or modifications. But please do so SOON so that your Secret Santa has something to work with!

Secret Santa Assignment

You have been assigned to be the Secret Santa for:
Dave Rudy, Branch Manager, Snap Fitness

Dave's Wish List Item

Ideas for how to attract more clients

We're counting on YOU to use your BRAIN, your BUSINESS, or your NETWORK to help make Dave's Christmas Dream come true! Let me know if you need help! (Remember, someone out there is going to be doing the same for you!)
I'm coming

1607 Belle View Blvd

Friday Dec 7th
11:30 - 1pm

I'm coming

Come and join some neighborhood business owners and community leaders for some food and networking. We'll also share some interesing community building initiatives.

Special Feature for December Meeting: BUSINESS SECRET SANTA

When you register, you're encouraged to share a "wish list" item for our Secret Santa. You will then be randomly assigned to another attendee who will be tasked with helping to fill your wish. And you will be assigned someone with the job of helping them connect with osmeone for their wish.
As an attendee, here are your THREE Responsibilities:
1) Make sure to attend. (We don't want your Secret Santa recipient disappointed.)
2) Share your Wish List Item.
3) Invite someone who lives in, works in, or serves the Fort Hunt Community to join you on Friday, Dec 7th.
I'm coming

Secret Santa Wish List

- Other event planners
- Someone looking for retail space


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