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Host a "Workshop For Good" Home Buyer/Home Seller Workshop For Your Favorite Community Organization

Recent Workshops

How's This Work?

1. We identify a TOPIC that would be of interest and value to your prospective buyer and/or sellers.

2. We identify the EXPERTS that you'd like to include to share their perspectives and expertise to make the workshop of great value.

3. We schedule a date/time to get together - via ZOOM webinar - to conduct and record the presentation.

4. We prepare an EVENT REGISTRATION page where people can visit and register to watch and participate in the recorded webinar.

5. Our experts and additional business sponsors pledge a certain amount (typically $150.00) to donate to the partner organization/charity once we have hit a SPECIFIED # of registered attendees/viewers.

6. We - the realtor, the speakers, the sponsors, and the partner organization - share the event link to maximize the # of attendees, the # of friends and funds raised for the partner organization...and, oh by the way, the # of prospective buyers/sellers for you and your team to help!

Choose Topic
Assemble Team
Produce and Record Webinar
Launch Event Page
Collect Pledges From Sponsors
Promote, Promote, Promote!
It's that simple! Win - Win - Win!

Getting Started

Our goal is to host an online buyer/seller workshop that attracts between 12-20 prospects for you and your experts/sponsors (and raises both new "friends" and between $500-$1000 for your partner organization/beneficiary)

There is no charge to the agent for the production/event management.

There is an event management fee of $300.00 that covers the costs of producing/managing the event that is paid by one of our sponsoring lenders. (If you have a favorite lender that you'd like to work with, they can absolutely participate and pay the event management fee themselves.)

Don't have a favorite lender?
Our awesome network of "Agents for Good" mortgage lenders would be delighted to help out with your workshop!

Next Steps:
1. Confirm your intention to participate as a sponsoring agent or lender.
1. Confirm your intention to participate as a sponsoring agent or lender.
2. Lender - Pay the Event Management Fee
Sponsor Type
You will receive a receipt for your payment for your records. (If you'd prefer, I can send you a PayPal invoice instead.) Once you confirm payment with the link above or by paying the invoice, we will begin the event coordination process.
3) Choose recording date/time and identify Team Members to invite to participate.
4) Share the customized event link (to be provided) with prospective attendees/social media.
4) Deliver a great presentation - Show up on day of and create an evergreen workshop which will help people navigate the world of selling, buying, and mortgage financing!
5) Share The Good You've Done - Be prepared to share the link to the Webinar Page on your social media and to your list to let them know about your participation in this Workshop For Good!

Have any questions? Please email or text me (703.298.9481).
Frazier O'Leary
Chief Inviter
The Business is Good Network
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Learn more at a "Next Steps" Info Session/Q&A:

For Real Estate Agents (Wednesday,
For Orgs/ Beneficiaries (Thursday,
For Team Members/ Sponsors (Friday,


Potential Workshop Titles

I can assist you with collecting and preparing your resources into a presentation to support your workshop; just connect with me with your ideas!

How it Works

For Agents

For Lenders

For Community Organizations

Workshops For Good Participating Agents

These are some of the agents who have "raised their hand" to help raise funds for charities and community organizations by sharing their real estate knowledge and expertise - thank you!

Lysssa, Lisa, Leslie

And now a word from our Sponsors

Our Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders get to pick their most trusted team members (Home Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Moving Companies, Estate Attorney, Financial Advisors, Home Improvement Specialists, etc) to participate in their workshops and those sponsors enable the event to be a great fundraiser for the organization...thank you!

And all for the support of...

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