The Fort Hunt Welcome Wagon

Version 1.0 of the Fort Hunt Welcome Guide delivering Feb 2021

24+ page Fort Hunt Resource Guide featuring including:
1. Map and "Insider Secrets" Things to Do
2. "Meet the Businesses" - Full Page Profiles/Ads
3. Profiles for Schools, Churches, Community Organizations
4. Helpful Numbers
5. Coupons to Local Shops and Restaurants.

Recent Deliveries

Thanks to Martha Deal, Frazier O'Leary, Margaret Keagle and our other deliverers!
Ways to Get Involved
Contribute an Ad/Informational Page - Be A Greeter/Block Captain for Your Block - Help Your Favorite Local Business or Community Organization to make sure they're represented - Share Your Ideas for Connecting/Improving

Preview of the Welcome Wagon Guide

Fort Hunt Word Cloud (Under Construction)

Discover Huntley Meadows , Ice Cream at the Custard Shack, The variety store and Mt Vernon, awesome Fairfax County library system. Sample a pastry at Hollin Hall Pastry Shop and/or Bread & Water. Also the farmer’s market at Sherwood Hall Library, get on the waitlist for a pool); walk the entirety of HHV Shopping Center and get to know the shop and restaurant owners; visit Fort Hunt Park!. Walk on the Parkway path along the river -- very relaxing., Farmers Market, HH Bakery, all local youth sports and scholastic events.

What we love about Fort Hunt - Short Videos Prepared Especially For New Neighbors!

Your Fort Hunt Welcome Guide, featuring information & resources about our awesome community businesses and organizations...

Coupons from Restaurants & Stores

Be a Community Ambassador

Help your favorite community organization or business connect with the Welcome Wagon and the Welcome Website!

Your Host

Frazier O'Leary

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O: +1 (703) 2989481 • M: (703) 298-9481
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A: 3201 Jermantown Road, Suite 220 • Fairfax, VA 22030

Our Neighborhoods and Our Boosters

Block Captains/Greeter

Neighborhood - Blocks - Block Captains/Reps

Delivering the Welcome Wagon

We will be coordinating the hand-delivery of a 24+ page Fort Hunt Community Welcome Wagon Resource Guide to New Neighbors (approx. 30-50 per month) beginning in January 2021.

Costs and Deadlines for Paper Guide

Submission Deadlines
Deadline for Payment/Reservation for Jan/Feb/Mar Paper Distribution Dec 7th
Deadline for Submitting Ad/FlyerDec 14th
Options and Costs
Full Page (Color) Ad/Profile in Guide Distributed to 150 New Neighbors (approx. 3 months) NOTE: We have sold out of REALTOR Full Page Ads Unfortunately! $200 $300
Community Champion - Sponsor your favorite School, Church, or Community Organization with a 1/2 Page Profile with their info and recognizing you as their Champion! $150
1/4 Page in Guide $100
All contributors also receive:
web site listing and profile on
listing in downloadable version of guide

Early Bird Pricing good til Monday, Dec 7th
Reserve early for priority with ad placement
Sponsor Type
List of available neighborhoods (LEARN MORE):

NOTE: Preference is given to agents who live in the neighborhood.
The PAPER guide will have costs associated with it to be included but you can upload a ONE PAGE Flyer to be included in the digital or online version at no cost currently. (We are estimating approx. 30-50 new neighbors per month; Details will be available in December about costs for being included in the paper version).

Add Your Flyer/Ad to Welcome Wagon Packet

Select ONE PAGE Flyer (.pdf, .doc, .docx, or .jpg):

No Charge to Submit for DIGITAL VERSION (if you are a Neighborhood Booster or a Community Ambassador)

See Table for Costs for Paper, Hand-delivered Resource Guide

About the Fort Hunt Welcome Wagon Committee

Meeting Attendees: Cathy Hosek (neighbor), Frazier O'Leary (Fort Hunt Community Business Association), Lyssa Seward (Realtor, Waynewood Booster), Margaret Keagle (Realtor, Hollin Hall Civic Assoc), Tracy Vitali (Realtor, Stratford Landing Booster), Jan Buchanan (Mount Vernon At Home), Larry Newman (Only Bathrooms), Margaret Deal (Realtor), Rich Hayden (MBH Settlement), Dan Storck (Mount Vernon Supervisor).
Goal is to form a committee of interested neighbors, organizations, and businesses that can help create a "welcome wagon" of sorts that we can deliver to new Fort Hunt Neighbors. Ideas include a Hollin Hall Pastry Shop cake, a coupon book with coupons from local stores and restaurants, and a resource guide that profiles local organizations, businesses, helpful numbers, and "hidden gems" that new neighbors should know about.

If you'd like to be on the Committee - either as a Block Captain, Organizational Representative, Business Sponsor, or Package Deliverer, please email

Open Questions/Tasks included:
1) Acquiring a list of new neighbors (from tax records, neighbor suggestions, or in cooperation with listing agents)

2) Reaching out to businesses and organizations to encourage them to submit flyers or coupons for coupon book or guide.

3) Recruiting "block captains" to help coordinate the welcoming/delivery of the packages

4) Identifying additional activities that could help support ongoing activities - new or existing ones that organizations are doing that would benefit from more promotion.

Other suggestions/requests? please email

$100 = Full Page Ad in Fort Hunt Welcoem Wagon Guide going out to 50 New Neighbors (approximate - 50)
$200 minimum order - includes 100 New Neighbors.
Cost - $100 for One Page Ad in Fort Hunt Community Welcome Wagon Guide - Full Color - Hand Delivered to New Neighbor's House
Reserve Your Spot
2 month minimum