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Answer Networking Questions
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People I'd like to introduce you to:

What the heck is the "Monday Meet"?

WHEN: Monday, Dec 30th 9:30 - 10:00 AM (100% online)
It's a way to start your week off by connecting (online) with some awesome businesses (from Frazier's network)
What do you do?

Register in advance to attend or just enter the day of.

If you'd like, you can answer some "lightly probing" networking questions to help you more efficiently network AND to allow Frazier and his networking minions to connect you with contacts that he/they think would be good for your business.

And then when the Meet begins...
Check out who's here by clicking on people's profiles.
Start chatting. (I'll be doing my best to introduce/connect you with people I think you should meet!)
Find common interests, common networking connections or common projects.
Find ways to work together or to connect outside.
All before 10:00, for free, and without leaving your home, office, or phone!

And IF you find a great connection, you can "thank us" by contributing $10.00 to the Mount Vernon Community Entrepreneurship Fund, administered by the Mount Vernon Student Congress!

And if you want more things like this, join our KidBiz Inc Partners and create 3 scholarships for aspiring Marketers to attend "Marketing University!")
Hi everyone! Quick introduction. This is fullname. she is the title for company. company is in the businesstype business and first is excited about connecting with target networking market to discuss projects.

she was invited here by invited by and this is her first time attending. Let's make her feel welcome! has answered ___ of ____ questions on netwroking interview so you can pop over and learn a little more about right now!
Awesome stuff about Frazier
Master Networkign He knows everyone
He's a great introducer!
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Ask Frazier about HIS answer

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Welcome to the Parent-Educator Connect. We currently have 5 active rooms, each with an upcoming calendar of activities or get togethers. You can enter a room and RSVP for the next meet and greet.
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Parent Educator Meet and Greet

If there's video here, great! If not, it's because Frazier ran out of time on THIS Version of the Monday Meet! Check back next week!

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Concentration, Polling, HQ, The Feud
Tic Tac Toe
Person: Room:
Check out a persons profile - Get introduced. Who would you like to meet? (General, specific), who do you know here?, say you'd like to connect - poke them - propose a project - propose a meet., ask general questions - let people respond generally - invite people into the room. Name - Location - Organization - Comments - Photo - connect - pin - I know this one.
What you should do before you arrive - interview? Short answers (your "Small talk") - photo, Video Chat
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Whole room chats are visible to all. One on one or group discussions are visible to the involved students and their parents.

We want this place to be fun and engaging. If someone is behaving in a way that, in your opinion, should be corrected, please flag their discussion and I'll take a look at it. If they're behaving ok but you'd just prefer not to interact with them for a while, you can mute them. (They won't show up on your list and you won't show up on their list).
Having a good time? Drop $10 into the Community Ventures Fund, administered by the Mount Vernon Student Congress Ventures Fund.
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Want more networking, more promotion, more connections, more support? Become a Partner and start connecting with the Network. AND as a bonus, you'll endow 3 scholarships for aspiring young marketers to attend our 12 week "Marketing University" training/coaching program to learn how to HELP YOU attract more customers for your business. Raised So Far.
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I'll do my best to make stopping by worth your while by "introducing you" (online) to some of our awesome business and community leaders in Fort Hunt including...